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Authentigram® is a combined product of the latentogram and hologram. Using visual appeal of the holograms, the latent images combined with the hologram allows creating unique security products as self-adhesive labels, laminating foil and hot stamping foil.

Authentigram with a holographic (diffraction) bar code is a new method for anti-counterfeit goods protection. It is the following step in the development of security features on the basis of the hologram with a diffraction bar code. A Authentigram with a diffraction bar code contains a hidden diffraction code encoded in the hologram and a hidden image that is visible only when using a special polarizing glass. Both levels combined provide a unique protection of a document or a product that has a Authentigram. Authentigram with a holographic bar code has been used on all waybills since 2011.

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Authentigram is an effective mechanism of brands protection against counterfeit

We are glad to offer you to make a self-adhesive label with Authentigram with self-destroying (partially or completely) properties, as the effective mechanism of protection of your production from counterfeit. Authentigram is a modern protection frame of production against counterfeit. Authentigram is a combination of security features of latent images and outward attractiveness of hologram.

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Sorgan technologies provides cutting edge innovative technology for anti-counterfeiting solutions for augmented brand protection of goods and documents.